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Drainage Swales, Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Not everything in your property or home needs to be about drains. With so many drainage solutions available, you need to focus on what offers the best opportunities for your space more than having the regular systems and standards installed or in your property. For instance, drainage swales are great additions to a property as long as they are built properly to collect water and ensure it percolates into the ground. The concept can be quite difficult to understand so far, considering how drains are all about moving water away from the property. However, you can have a better option as you get to reduce flow and the amount of water you’re dealing with.

At Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our professionals would love to work with you in determining when drainage swales can be a good alternative for your space. In most cases, you will face good conditions for them, but this doesn’t make them the most efficient during drainage. This is why we don’t recommend working around a common recommendation or trying to approach steps without proper inspection and assessment.

Our role here will be to work with you in all preparation, ensure you have a comfortable approach, and have the swales built and prepared in order to remove all excess without issues. Keep in mind that the entire concept of using them remains as preventing flooding, puddling, soil erosion, and pooling. Therefore, you still get a complete solution in your space with the swales and address the basics in the whole process.

One thing we have to point out about swale drains is that they can go well with landscape drainage needs. While they take more space than some drains, they take less space than trench and channel drains, which makes you consider them.

When to Use Drainage Swales on Your Property

The problem with heavy rainfalls or moving a lot of water far away from your property is that your drainage systems and main sewage lines can be too stressed.

Think about it. It isn’t strange to have some lines and drains being a bit overwhelmed with how much water they are processing, which brings damage and more issues to your space in the short and long run.

The way to solve this isn’t usually adding more features and pipes but rather working around a clearer approach and drainage system that works well. Drainage swales can be those options as they allow you to reduce the water stream that is being moved away from your property. As a result, all this water is more controlled, and your main systems are less stressed over taking on the amount of rainfall or excess.

Swales can work well to control water runoff within a property and not only when moving them away. To understand this better, we can place two examples in the industry:

  1. You have a gutter and downspouts in place. This runoff is still moved away from the property using the main drainage system or connecting trenches and drains to create a stream. It is possible to have the water moved through a swale drain and ensure the flow is controlled and reduced to slow down the way it enters the main drainage system, such as your underground or subsurface spaces.
  2. Or you can have them distributed over the edges of your lawn to prevent flooding and puddling throughout the property. This inevitably helps to avoid overwhelming your drainage systems, especially during storms and excess rainfall in some conditions and circumstances.

How to Have Your Drainage Swales Installed

All it takes is a call or email to our professional contractors. We will work step by step with you and ensure you have a clear approach to what should be done or not.

Before we start helping you with the swales, we will map out a route and see how they should be designed. This will prevent any excess and help us contribute to the entire flooding and puddling prevention.

Depending on your property’s requirements, we will bring a different design and ensure you have drainage swales reducing water flow and giving you more control over runoff. All it takes is taking the first step and working with us around it next.

Feel free to schedule a free inspection and have our drainage contractors come over. We will consider your requests and budget while working on these steps and elements.

At Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we have been working with drainage swales for a long time. Hence, rest assured that we know how to design and install them accordingly.