Dry River Beds, Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

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Dry River Beds, Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Dry river beds are good alternatives for your space when looking for drainage solutions that focus on functionality, comfort, good performance, and aesthetics. They work well as landscape features, and most drainage needs are met when trying to divert water and move it away from your property. Our team at Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems is always available to make your system work and ensure you have it built properly to benefit from every aspect. As long as you let us perform an inspection and assessment, we will be able to offer a clear approach and design for the river beds.

But how do you know whether they are the right options or alternatives you should be opting for in your space? While all drainage systems and features are meant to handle excess water and simply keep pooling and flooding away, the amount of rainfall and stormwater they can manage varies.

A good example is how gutters will help with all roof water or runoff, but the downspouts will control the stream and how it is moved away from the property. Then, this water needs to be moved with proper pipes or drains to the main sewage system or line, which can be done with channel or French drains, but they both control different amounts of water and rainfall, the latter more doable for large-scale projects.

Our role here is to determine when dry river beds are needed, work with you on their design, and build them in order to correct all the issues in your property, which can include erosion, excess water and pooling, flooding, and much more. Take the time to navigate this with us and have a clear idea of what should be done and how it should be handled.

How Do We Build Dry River Beds?

This process ends up being quite enjoyable for most people, even you.

Since it involves less digging and piping or installing uncommon features from nature, people like to be involved in the whole process at some point, especially if the beds will be built for some gardening or landscaping purposes.

Dry river beds need to be mapped out and properly planned based on the property’s type of soil, topography, and inclination. Since this is going to be a stream, a certain level of inclination and sloping is needed, which isn’t always naturally there; this is why it needs to be created with some soil moving and formation.

The trench is always dug and is a must-have as the whole dry river bed will follow its shape or form. Then, we work on how to line it up and focus on using the backing and grave to control the draining and full protection of the trench.

Gravel and proper extra protection will be key here so that erosion is prevented and not worsened in the process. Some backing is added depending on the trench condition and how we need to work around the landscape and the entire design for the space.

Once we have a good lineup, design, and trench in place, we make sure we are filling it with landscaping stones. There is no need to use specific stones or a single size. All of them can vary as long as they perform the specific purpose, controlling heavy rainfall and water streams with the way they slow down the excess.

This is pretty much the way water will be moved away and controlled to pour down to the drainage system or main sewage line. Dry river beds can be surrounded or decorated with some greens and plants to complete the design.

How Much Do Dry River Beds Cost?

While most people would think they are expensive for the same fact of adding some landscape enhancement, they are not. In fact, the price per foot goes from $12 to $36, which is a good option compared to other drainage systems such as trench and channel drains. This is due to the nature of the designs and the stones used.

It is more about labor than actual equipment or items, which makes it more affordable for some homeowners and commercial property owners.

At Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we highly recommend working around dry river beds as long as your property allows it. It will save time and costs and bring a unique and complete design to your landscape.

Our professionals will make sure consideration is in place and work around your comfort and the way the whole river bed should be designed and built to handle heavy rainfall and water streams.