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Garden Drainage, Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

When working on garden drainage, you may want to consider what will work better based on your type of soil and how you want to maintain your landscape and aesthetics. In most properties, surface and underground systems are already in place, so they are not really what you are looking for when working on this element. At Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we can tell you that options that rely on ditches, streams, and even soakaways will always be better as long as they are well designed and built. Therefore, we encourage you to take the time to address the process with our contractors.

But what should you consider when working on garden drainage? In most cases, you want to keep in mind your plants and flowers’ placement. While most drainage systems work around how you keep water away from your property, this comes with some issues when you care about your garden.

The principles behind the whole process will be based on keeping water away while also providing good drainage so that soil erosion isn’t an issue. Moreover, you want to keep plants properly irrigated and avoid pooling, flooding, and more. Consider where you are draining the water and how to move it to the desired location.

Most garden drainage is completed when installing multiple elements and drainage features, such as gutters and downspouts, creating trench drains and some ditches, or maybe relying on a dry river bed.

Our drainage contractors will help you throughout the process and make sure you have a clear plan for what works better, ensure you won’t have further issues, and simply work around proper comfort. All excess water should be controlled, and flooding main drains and sewage lines must be prevented as well.

What Options Do You Have for Garden Drainage?

Pretty much every outdoor drainage option is a good way to address your space. While we know some people get tired of how we mention everything depends on the garden and situation, this is quite accurate.

This is why the options we can give you so that you have a clear idea of what can be used or not are more based on standards and what you may have when the assessment and inspection are complete.

French ditches and drains are one common solution since we need to dig ditches, fill them with gravel, and ensure they are covered to prevent soil or debris from damaging and clogging them. However, they will divert water to the specific location designed as the whole ditch goes along a path we create. The difference is that they are closed instead of open, which prevents frequent maintenance.

Dry river beds take a bit more work, and they are not doable in every space due to how they require certain dimensions to work well. However, they can divert water well and add a nice feature to your garden as they simulate river streams.

Piped drainage is the option with the regular pipes buried or barely above ground that will be connected to the underground or specific drainage system in your property. They can move water without exposing the soil, but their damage is common as plastic is often used.

In some conditions, improving some main drainage systems, such as your subsurface or surface ones, can be the right approach for your space. It all depends on your face and whether this is doable for your garden.

At this point, we would be going around ditches, streams, and what brings clear water diverting based on slopes and gravity.

Why Do You Need Garden Drainage?

One thing to note is that not everyone needs to install extra features or work on individual garden drainage. It all depends on whether your current and essential systems are not covering all your needs.

If you see water pools, ponds, flooding in your basement, or maybe your soil cannot take all excess water, this is when an extra feature could be added. Some garden designs require extra work as well, depending on the situation and what you are planning to do outdoors.

For instance, houses or patios where gardens or specific greens haven’t been planted may need to consider garden drainage to avoid overwatering or working around specific soil conditions. All this can be determined and arranged by our Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems experts. Therefore, take the time to schedule an inspection and estimate to determine whether you need garden drainage.