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Trench Drains, Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Trench drains come in many styles and materials, which makes them a bit confusing when you are trying to bring an installation and determine what needs to be done in your space. However, the common mistake is choosing between floor and trench drains. Why? Because they are exactly the same. While trenches are used as drainage options in patios, and outdoors, they are not the common reference people and contractors mention during installation. The common options are focused on the large holes connected to underground drainage systems or specific channels and having a grate to prevent waste and debris from entering the pipes and the entire system.

Our Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems team can help you determine when they are needed, work on their design and planning, and install them based on your requirements. Before you start working around these drains with us, we want you to know that not everyone needs them.

Most uses are focused on flat locations and how excess water on the surface can be moved to the main systems and sewage lines. This means that trench drains need a connection with a main system; they are not the system themselves.

We want to make this clear as most people seem to have a misconception about their installation. An effective application and installation still involve proper drainage to a main location, which we help you with as we work on the process and how we implement and connect all drainage.

But this doesn’t answer where trench drains should be installed in specific or whether they will be worth the investment in your property. We know. However, answering or clearing these doubts requires a proper explanation of the drains.

When to Use Trench Drains for Your Property

While trench drains are mostly installed outdoors, they can be useful indoors depending on the property’s condition and how water is flowing in the space. For instance, you may have indoor pools that require proper draining, which is fixed with trench drains installed in some areas on the edges and specific locations.

In most cases, you can identify their use in flat locations. Streets, parking lots, driveways, and some locations where water doesn’t flow well due to the land’s inclination and topography. Many commercial properties and large-scale organizations have them installed in entrances or long corridors where rainwater or certain excess needs to be handled for specific uses and activities.

It is possible to blend trench drains with your design and aesthetics. While the grate will take most of the spotlight due to how they are key to preventing debris and waste, designs can be changed, and the drains can be customized as needed.

This is when the types and proper trench drain selection matter. You can have pre-cast drains installed, which are still concrete. This saves time and resources but may not be the best approach depending on the project’s scale.

Trench drains will be made and cast based on molds that are designed following the space’s measurements, but they can come with difficulties in case it is difficult to transport and place them. In those conditions, cast-in-place drains may be better. They will need more labor, but they can customize the whole project a bit better once the trench is dug for installation.

It will all depend on your needs and property’s condition. Therefore, we require inspection and assessment to help you make a well-informed decision on the approach you should give the space for your designs and projects.

How Much Do Trench Drains Cost?

They range from $40 to $189 per installed foot, which can vary depending on the type of drains you are bringing. Pre-cast options are not always the cheapest ones due to how much work and molding or transportation go into them, but for smaller projects, they can be the best approach in terms of costs.

Cast in place will usually be more expensive due to the labor involved and the way all materials need to be brought, placed, and used along with the right equipment. Our professionals at Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems work with you in making the best decision following a balance:

  • Costs.
  • Design.
  • Planning.
  • Proper solution.

We will bring a clear plan and ensure your budget and needs are all considered throughout the process. Take the time to schedule a consultation and get a free estimate without worrying about the process.