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Palm Tree Removals, Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

What does this have to do with drainage services and needs? For many, nothing. For us? Everything. For certain services, we have workaround possible or current problems around your property and the entire drainage system, which can be fixed with palm tree removals. But how are they closely related? Some tree roots can overgrow and bring issues around the pipes and the entire system, causing damage and affecting the main line. In some cases, cutting the roots will be enough, but the constant growth will be an issue, which is why removals come in handy and are needed in some situations.

Our role at Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems is determining when this is needed and how. In case we can avoid the whole removal, we will do so, but most of the removals we perform are actually requested and not really planned by our team. This is because some drainage system installations and projects can also be affected by the tree’s location and how the removal would help to maintain control over the whole system.

Things vary and need to be considered as needed and based on your requirements. However, if you are looking for palm tree removal in order to get the element removed for other reasons besides drainage, this is possible with us as well.

Palm trees aren’t even all that eco-friendly, and their excess in Florida is causing issues. This is why you don’t have to feel bad about wanting or planning the whole removal, as it can be a good thing even when you are not being affected by a drainage level or with other problems and projects at hand.

Feel free to contact us and have our team’s support through every step. We will plan the whole removal and keep it safe for everyone.

Do You Even Need to Hire People for Palm Tree Removals?

Preferably, yes, you do.

People seem to underestimate the difficulties of removing trees and how things can turn dangerous in no time. Moreover, the whole process is a bit more complicated when you are considering your pipes and the way drainage needs to be protected and considered throughout the process.

We know it may feel and seem like an extra expense, but it will be worth it as you keep safety on top of your mind through it all as well. The question is, do you need the removal?

The situation for needing one will vary, as we mentioned, which is why proper considerations are needed and have to be included as we work on the project.

If we have to place examples so that you know it is a good option relying on our team, keep in mind that palm tree removals are needed when:

  • The tree is in bad shape or condition, such as about to fall, an empty stump, or you need to work on preventing it from falling in a property or on top of space and structure.
  • Prevent further drainage and pipe damage in your system due to roots and how the palm tree is expanding.
  • Work around a new project, which includes digging or adding trenches and elements in the location where the palm tree is located.
  • Removing it to use the space for other purposes: planting a new one, installing some features, hardscaping, more landscape design, and more.

If you have a specific requirement and are invested in how you can improve the lawn’s condition, feel free to ask us about the removal. We will inspect your space and provide proper insight into it.

How Much Do Palm Tree Removals Cost?

Fortunately, not much. You can have most palm trees removed for as low as $200, and this includes all labor. As long as the tree is in normal condition and around medium size, it will be removed in no time and for an affordable rate.

However, large palm trees and especially those in bad shape and with damage all over will require more time, safety measures and precautions, and planning. As a result, the costs for removal can go up to $500 and more depending on the specific tree and project as well.

We encourage you to have our professionals support you throughout the process and bring a clear approach, design, and plan for the entire removal. This way, you won’t have to worry about the whole cost and whether you want to tackle this right away or not for your space.

Feel free to ask all questions and clear doubts with our team.