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House Gutter Extensions, Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Gutters and downspouts are the usual pairs you get when trying to control your runoff and prevent foundation and basement flooding in your property. What many people don’t tell you is that some of them can still come with excess water depending on their location and the way rain and stormwater are pouring into the location. This is why options such as house gutter extensions are also added to the space. They will help control runoff better, avoid basement flooding, and prevent foundation damage in your property while diverting excess properly.

At Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our professionals would be happy to help in all recognition and ensure you have a clear approach around the extensions you need. Our first step for this will be a clear inspection of your property and see the gutter system you have available. We will happily assess the situation and consider all expenses and the best way to get the extensions done.

To make it clear, not everyone requires house gutter extensions. You can usually work well with regular installations and focus on the elements needed around your system. Still, the gutter extensions will be a good idea when you are facing specific issues:

  • The water directed from the downspouts is hitting a specific area of your foundation or not helping with proper diverting. As a result, flooding and foundation damage are not being prevented.
  • Landscape damage is caused due to the specific location where water is being diverted. This can be due to excess in the corner or not choosing the right place for the whole draining.
  • Soil erosion with the diverting and how water is affecting the patio or garden in your place. All this could have been prevented and handled.

All House Gutter Extensions You Can Install on Your Property

One thing to remember when working on erosion is to make sure you are addressing the specific problem at hand. Multiple house gutter extension types are available, which is for a reason.

Common downspouts will only drain in corners and divert water using other drains, such as trenches and ditches that are included in your space. However, house gutter extensions can either focus on draining to a specific location, extend the entire draining further from the property and foundation, or work as a way to maintain the gutters closed.

In our case, we work with three specific options that prove to be comfortable and viable for all properties and not only houses:

  1. Flexible gutter extensions are made of plastic pipes that can be bent and moved. They allow for proper water diverting in gardens and some patios when you have lots of vegetation or need to move the waterway further from the foundation and your basement. They can also come as adapters, and some variables have perforations, which allow for some type of irrigation in the area more than a direct water stream that can damage your space.
  2. Rollout extensions will open or close based on the water and rain influx they have. The edges and tip also have perforations that help distribute water evenly. This can be a great addition when you want to have more control over the water coming from your downspouts and the massive scale or amount.
  3. Flip-up extensions are similar to the rollout options but quite manual. You can open or move them when it is raining or about to. Their design can also offer some comfort when there are heavy rains or storms in place, draining all water from the downspouts.

Do Our House Gutter Extensions Move Water Away Properly?

In essence, they do. The length of the extension will depend on the specific one you are getting, but they all come in different sizes and depending on the goals you have for the feature.

Flexible gutter extensions are usually the ones with more length variables and help dry water further away from the property. Rollouts are more limited, but they can be adapted to flexible hoses that can increase the extension and have a complete system in place.

Flip-up extensions are more like flexible options, but they come with limitations due to how they need to be attached and flipped up and out of the way.

At Boca Raton Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our professionals will happily work with you on how you can have your house gutter extensions done by working on the type that is more suitable for your space. Then get all the equipment and tools at hand to get them installed.